Technical features:
1. Time source: Internal, internet, GPS "Option".
2. Format: (HH, MM) (HH, MM, SS), (HH, MM, CC), (12:00), (24:00).
3. Time Zones: 12 Times zones.
4. Possibility to send 30 images can be creating by the user.
5. Can send 5 time zones in 5 groups with country code.
6. Can send text word “6 Characters”.
7. “Bell”, “Fire”, "Break" and addressable messaging capabilities.
8. 12 Alarms with audio announcement.
9. Announcement: Big Ben, Ding Dong, Human audio announcement.
10. Announcement languages: Chinese, English, French, Arabic.
11. Interface Language: English.
12. Alarm inputs: 4 Alarms inputs via Alarm card "to connect with other systems like fire alarm", *Option.
13. Outputs: TTL, serial.

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