Distribution the sound media of queuing system

Distribution of queuing system's media:
The sound:
The sound is an important factor in queuing system success the unclear voice will make big Chaos that is unacceptable as If the call is on the role and the customer can't hear the call clearly which leading him to late in answer the calling which make the work slow while the employee call the next customer the first customer have noticed the call and that will cause chaos.

The uncomfortable sound also causes problems not only to the employees that affect their performance as stress causes from Continuous noise but also to customers it makes them Nervous so when the place is designed put in account these Essential points :
Concentration calling area in waiting area makes it far from employees.
Design the system so that ensure less contrast ratio of between the different places of calling coverage area Through the use of direct sound instead of reflection sound .
Adjust the volume to not be low that requires listen or Concentration that make the listener dispelled, adjust the volume to not be high that make the customer and employee nervous, you can choose the full addition with QMN-12 main unit and QSS V4.1 for server software that ensure Raise and low the sound automatically Raise and lower the sound is automatically Raise and lower the sound is automatically at higher noise Which requires raise or down the voice when the back voice is low .

It is prefer to show soft music as background while the calling stop taking into account reduced gradually and bring it back at the start and in the end of the call.
For large system and places that required f high-quality performance we recommend the use products of TOA FOR industry PA Company

It is prefer to choose waiting area where it is far from employee's offices taking in to account that there are no obstructions delaying the arrival of the customer to the Office of Employee.
Preferred to distribute the waiting seats around a table containing Means of entertainment like (magazine --------etc)
The waiting area should be the coverage with sound directly and clearly so that the voice of call ability to cover the various sources of noises.
The waiting area Must be exposed to ADVERTISING SCREEN
It must be exposed to MAIN DISPLAY
The seats of waiting area should be able to see windows display
Choose the distribution of speakers:
While studying the place take into account the balance between the aesthetic side and balanced coverage of sound.
So should be options for both wall speakers and ceiling speakers
We recommend using ceiling speakers for easy account coverage and quality performance
The Variation voice Prefers to not exceed between a high level and low level in waiting area to 3db
The voice system prefers to cover the entry and exit areas.
Choose the location of main display:
The location of the main display must be chosen so that, each one of them locates at least at the beginning of the way the customer to offices' Employees.

The main display Prefer to be in visible area to the waiting area and the person who is waiting his queue so you can easily follow-up it should not be very high, making it difficult to follow-up or very low, leading to blocked

Choose a screen size of Employees:
Employees' screens are available in three dimensions points:
5mm-4.8mm, 3.5mm
We recommend to adopt 4.8mmfor being the most appropriate for different places and spaces.
Choose the location of windows display:
The location of widows display Must be chosen in un ambiguous location it would like to be the middle of the entrance to the employee's Office so that doesn't put it near another office so it lead to ambiguous.
Employee's Office number should be putted that the employee has a back screen on the area allocated to that on the screen of the employee and that in a clear and visible at a sufficient distance.
The windows display should be in visible area to the person who is standing to distinguish the writing of employees' number written on the screen and the call number that appears on the screen easily it should not be very high or very low.
Choose the location of the conductor:
Most of series can install more than one ticket dispenser where can be show services in specific ticket dispenser does not show in other ticket dispenser and can also show all services in all ticket dispenser any way event when you select the location of ticket dispenser you should take in account the following:
-Easily to see ticket dispenser
- Put a Phrase in visible place to indicate the needing to cut ticket before entering and waiting.
- Ticket dispenser should be in visible place to supervisor to not make any body play in it.
- Ticket dispenser should be in clean fixed place that not to be expose to falling down or trembling.
- Ticket dispenser shouldn't be near to moving door if the door opens harshly it maybe lead to hit the ticket dispenser.


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