Cost of using QMS

Thermal ticket 2000 VS 80mm thermal paper roll

Have you ever thought of features that should have your choice of Queuing Managment System ?
The professional engineer his priorities in the reliability of operating in parallel with the workers is no less important are the features and high level of technical and operating costs in addition to moderate non-monopolization of a particular company of consumer goods of the system.
Unfortunately, some brands support on the principle of profit-term through the use of materials consumables "metal paper roll, ink printers, and other" what constitutes a trap, as is often seen Eng-based study disregard for the value of paper roll for a large corporation as a communication or a bank!.
However, this engineer will surprise that the privacy of consumer goods of the system may have caused more than one site replaces the system cost a large sum because of a report from accounts Dept. stating the cost of these materials!

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Cost of using QMS q-linker smart solutions thermal-ticket-2000-vs-80mm-thermal-paper-roll queue-systems
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