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Q-linker Mission
Q-Linker Ltd. is dedicated to build and deliver an efficient Smart solutions that easy to install easy to use to help our customers organizing their work in a smooth way and to meet their needs while achieving an acceptable return on investment, This will be realized both internally and externally by continuous communication between management, employees, suppliers, customers and community, and by ongoing improvement of processes, systems, equipments and use of human resources.
We intend to expand our presence in the marketplace by the development of new products as well as by exploration of other opportunities for growth when presented.



intelligent queuing management system Smart Queuing Management Systems customers flow waiting line management queue ticketing queue management system solutions Інтелектуальні-системи-керування-чергуванням Systémy inteligentného riadenia frontu Sistemas de gestión de colas inteligentes Smart Queuing boshqaruv tizimlari Smart Queuing կառավարման համակարգեր Systémy inteligentního řízení fronty economic queuing system
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