TGT as a coronavirus protiction

One of the most common means of transmission of the Covid-19 is flying spray from the human mouth.
This is what made wearing a mask necessary or even mandatory in some countries.
But sometimes, a person have to take of the mask from his face in order to talk in clear voice especially that usually wearing face mask changing the voice and spreads method becomes less , increases from the sides.

This what called by engineering “changes the polar curve to spread the sound.”
it is known that when the client speaks to an employee, he might be have to offer secret information, So the client will have to raise his voice and the mask will spread his voice and make his voice heard to others, so he forced to remove the mask while speaking, which increases the risk of ant dangeriuos virus transmission to the employee.
Our TGT-R is excellent solution to this problem and constitutes mutual protection for the references and the employee.
It also allows to make easy conversation and conveniently.

It’s contains two way speakers and a microphone allowing to make easy e conversation at the real-time without a problem.
Also it’s allowed to record the conversation the aim of ensuring a higher quality service.
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