Wired Dot Matrix Digital Clock

Wired Clock QDM-8D:
The new QDM-8D Series takes our Wired Clock System to the next level.

Technical features:
1. Possibility of installing two side screens to look as one screen.
2. Possibility of installing two modules at same directions to look as one screen consists of two lines (vertical cascade-able).
3. Full matrix "Red, Green, White" are available, 8 characters * 128dots 4.8mm = 1024Dots, Up/Dawn Scrolling, Lift/Right Sliding, Flashing.
4. Possibility to display 30 images can be creating by the user.
5. The LED displays show the characters clearly due to the character consist of 128 Dots, which allows getting the character clear.
6. It can show images and logos can be created by the user.
7. Equipped with Watch dog time.
8. available with 5VDC, 24VDC, 220VAC.
9. 1024 Dots, 4.8mm.
10. Color: Red, White, Blue and Green.
11. Show: Flash, sliding, scrolling.
12. Time: Synchronized with the master (No need re-adjustment).
13. The clock shall be configured via a connection to the master unit.
14. Can show alarm messages with Multilanguage’s.
15. Can show many time zones with country code.
16. Can show (HH, MM) (HH, MM, SS), (HH, MM, CC).
17. Can show 1 Time zone, 2 or 3 sequential Time zones.
18. Immediate correction for time change.
19. “Bell”, “Fire”, "Break" and addressable messaging capabilities.



Wired Dot Matrix Digital Clock
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