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Q-Linker Ltd. is committed to seeking growth and prosperity by achieving a sustainable competitive share of Solutions in the international marketplace and world economy. 
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Q-Linker Ltd. is dedicated to build and deliver an efficient solutions for the Banks, Palaces and Hotels, that easy to install easy to use to help our customers organizing their work in a smooth way and to meet their needs while achieving an acceptable return on investment, We intend to expand our presence in the marketplace by the development of new of high quality products and developing market leading sustainable practices.
Company Overview
Q-Linker Story
In 2004 we were a company working in Security & Bank Solutions, our GM had an account in a small local bank in his hometown, he had that account for a long time ago, and he had a good relationship with the bank manager and his employees.
Our company installed some security solutions in that bank, but one thing kept bothering our GM is the way that bank used to queue their customers, they had no system to do that, the bank’s employees had to notice who entered to the bank first and serve him, this way caused some troubles in some situations, our GM suggested to the bank manager the idea of installing Queue management system in the bank, he had no experience with IT solutions so he asked our GM to help him in this, our GM had an Idea of building a new Queue management system, so he suggested to the bank manager that idea and offered him to install the first beta version of the system in his bank for minimum price, the bank manager liked and approved the idea.
The company started a new department for the new project, we hired a new team to work on the project and we were lucky to hire some of the most intelligent creative and humorist young programmers (most of them still working with us until this moment), and within 6 months we had our first beta version.
Our customers like the queue management system we made; it was familiar, easy to use and filled their needs.
Their trust pushed us to move on with our work and motivated our team to come with more creative solutions.
Now our system is installed in more than 3000 location all over the world and we have more than 100 products related to Security and customer service solutions.


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